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Our Valentine's Collection lets you express love in all its forms. Tap APPLY 2X1 for an automatic discount at checkout (or use code PAY1GET2) — perfect for your husband, boyfriend, brother, and all the special men in your life. With PAY1GET2, choose 2, pay for 1.

Celebrate every special man this Valentine's Day and make one to remember with a thoughtful gift.


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STACKABLEOnyx Bracelet 6mm | Premium SpacerOnyx Bracelet 6mm | Premium Spacer
STACKABLERuby Matte Bracelet Faceted 4mm | EssentialRuby Matte Bracelet Faceted 4mm | Essential
STACKABLEHowlite Bracelet 6mm | Premium SpacerHowlite Bracelet 6mm | Premium Spacer
Map Jasper Bracelet 6mm | SnakeMap Jasper Bracelet 6mm | Snake
STACKABLELapis Lazuli Bracelet 6mm | EssentialLapis Lazuli Bracelet 6mm | Essential
5-7 DAYSEssential Ring #2Essential Ring #2
Essential Ring #2 Sale price$289.00
STACKABLERed Tiger Eye Bracelet 6mm | EssentialRed Tiger Eye Bracelet 6mm | Essential
Onyx Matte Bracelet 6mm | SnakeOnyx Matte Bracelet 6mm | Snake
STACKABLETiger Eye Bracelet 6mm | EssentialTiger Eye Bracelet 6mm | Essential
5-7 DAYSRaw Pyramid PendantRaw Pyramid Pendant
Raw Pyramid Pendant Sale price$369.00
5-7 DAYSWoven Pendant #2Woven Pendant #2
Woven Pendant #2 Sale price$519.00
5-7 DAYSWaves RingWaves Ring
Waves Ring Sale price$309.00
5-7 DAYSLayer RingLayer Ring
Layer Ring Sale price$299.00
Woven PendantWoven Pendant
Woven Pendant Sale price$519.00
Signature Leather BraceletSignature Leather Bracelet
Signature Leather Bracelet Sale price$299.00
Waves PendantWaves Pendant
Waves Pendant Sale price$439.00
Emerald Jade Bracelet 6mm | SnakeEmerald Jade Bracelet 6mm | Snake
Sodalite Bracelet 6mm | SnakeSodalite Bracelet 6mm | Snake
STACKABLEAquamarine Bracelet 8mm | PrayerAquamarine Bracelet 8mm | Prayer
STACKABLEYellow Jade Bracelet 8mm | PrayerYellow Jade Bracelet 8mm | Prayer
STACKABLERed Coral Jade Bracelet 8mm | PrayerRed Coral Jade Bracelet 8mm | Prayer
STACKABLEBurmese Jade Bracelet 8mm | PrayerBurmese Jade Bracelet 8mm | Prayer
Sold outAmethyst + Tridacna Bracelet 4mm | VITAAmethyst + Tridacna Bracelet 4mm | VITA
Sold outHowlite + Turquoise Bracelet 4mm | VITAHowlite + Turquoise Bracelet 4mm | VITA
STACKABLESold outLapis Luzuli + Rice Bracelet 4mm | VITALapis Luzuli + Rice Bracelet 4mm | VITA
Sold outJasper + Bronzite Bracelet 4mm | VITAJasper + Bronzite Bracelet 4mm | VITA
Sold outMookaite Bracelet 6mm | KnotMookaite Bracelet 6mm | Knot
Sold outIndian Agate Bracelet 6mm | KnotIndian Agate Bracelet 6mm | Knot
Sold outTourmaline Bracelet 6mm | KnotTourmaline Bracelet 6mm | Knot
Sold outBloodstone Bracelet 6mm | KnotBloodstone Bracelet 6mm | Knot
STACKABLELapis Lazuli + Tridacna Bracelet 4mm | PIPELapis Lazuli + Tridacna Bracelet 4mm | PIPE
STACKABLEEmerald Jade + Aquamarine Bracelet 4mm | PIPEEmerald Jade + Aquamarine Bracelet 4mm | PIPE
STACKABLEHowlite + Turquoise Bracelet 4mm | PIPEHowlite + Turquoise Bracelet 4mm | PIPE
STACKABLETridacna Bracelet 6mm | VERTEXTridacna Bracelet 6mm | VERTEX
STACKABLETurquoise Matte Bracelet 6mm | VERTEXTurquoise Matte Bracelet 6mm | VERTEX
STACKABLEPearl Bracelet 6mm | VERTEXPearl Bracelet 6mm | VERTEX
Pearl Bracelet 6mm | VERTEX Sale price$139.00
Blue Quartz Bracelet 6mm | AEONBlue Quartz Bracelet 6mm | AEON
Amethyst Bracelet 6mm | AEONAmethyst Bracelet 6mm | AEON
Citrine Bracelet 6mm | AEONCitrine Bracelet 6mm | AEON
Citrine Bracelet 6mm | AEON Sale price$159.00
Blue Quartz + Tridacna Necklace 8mm | AEONBlue Quartz + Tridacna Necklace 8mm | AEON
Citrine + Tridacna Necklace 6mm | AEONCitrine + Tridacna Necklace 6mm | AEON
Amethyst + Tridacna Necklace 6mm | AEONAmethyst + Tridacna Necklace 6mm | AEON
5-7 DAYSSold outRing | OCTRing | OCT
Ring | OCT Sale price$250.00
STACKABLESold outSaphire Matte Bracelet Faceted 4mm | EssentialSaphire Matte Bracelet Faceted 4mm | Essential
STACKABLEJasper + Bronzite Bracelet 4mm | PIPEJasper + Bronzite Bracelet 4mm | PIPE
Sold outIron Bracelet 6mm | KnotIron Bracelet 6mm | Knot
Iron Bracelet 6mm | Knot Sale price$169.00
5-7 DAYSLeather Cuff BraceletLeather Cuff Bracelet
Leather Cuff Bracelet Sale price$369.00

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