Raw Pyramid Pendant

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Color: Silver

A symbolic piece of jewelry full of energy, is represented by the pyramid with the tip upwards, which is a symbol of life (sun), fire and masculinity.

Wear this amulet (which being a pendant is close to the heart), to harmonize the energies of your mind and body. Take its suggestive force to expand your mental and spiritual level.

Suppose you are thinking of giving it as a gift. In that case, it is perfect because, in addition to harmony and balance, you will be giving a piece of contemporary, elegant jewelry that radiates class, so it fits any time.

Complement your outfit with this powerful jewel and choose the finish you like in silver, gold and black gold. It is exquisitely crafted with care and attention to detail. It will undoubtedly become one of your favorites.

Made entirely by hand with all the love and art of the best silver artisans.

  • Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver / 24k Gold vermeil / Rhodium over 925 Sterling Silver
  • Shown with: Round Box Chain
  • Please note: tag only; chain sold separately
  • Pendant compatible with chains up to 4mm wide
  • 100% Handcrafted


METAL: To carefully wipe this jewel, use the supplied polishing cloth, then remove any residual tarnish with mild diluted soap. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry the piece before storing it in the jewelry pouch given.

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