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Men's Necklace

Elevate your style with our collection of men's necklaces and chains. From classic and timeless designs to trendy and modern styles, our necklaces and chains will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Browse now our wide selection of men's necklace and chains.

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Onyx Necklace 8mm | RoyaleOnyx Necklace 8mm | Royale
Onyx Necklace 8mm | Royale Sale price$199.00 Regular price$229.00
Red Tiger Eye Necklace 8mm | RoyaleRed Tiger Eye Necklace 8mm | Royale
Lapis Lazuli Necklace 8mm | RoyaleLapis Lazuli Necklace 8mm | Royale
SAVE $57.25 Howlite Necklace 8mm | RoyaleHowlite Necklace 8mm | Royale
Howlite Necklace 8mm | Royale Sale price$171.75 Regular price$229.00
NEW INBlue Quartz + Tridacna Necklace 8mm | AEONBlue Quartz + Tridacna Necklace 8mm | AEON
NEW INCitrine + Tridacna Necklace 6mm | AEONCitrine + Tridacna Necklace 6mm | AEON
NEW INAmethyst + Tridacna Necklace 6mm | AEONAmethyst + Tridacna Necklace 6mm | AEON
5-7 DAYSRoyale PendantRoyale Pendant
Royale Pendant Sale price$295.00
Burmese Jade Necklace 8mm | PrayerBurmese Jade Necklace 8mm | Prayer
Aquamarine Jade Necklace 8mm | PrayerAquamarine Jade Necklace 8mm | Prayer
Red Coral Jade Necklace 8mm | PrayerRed Coral Jade Necklace 8mm | Prayer
Yellow Jade Necklace 8mm | PrayerYellow Jade Necklace 8mm | Prayer
5-7 DAYSGeom PendantGeom Pendant
Geom Pendant Sale price$231.00
5-7 DAYSGeom Pendant #2Geom Pendant #2
Geom Pendant #2 Sale price$299.00
5-7 DAYSKudos PendantKudos Pendant
Kudos Pendant Sale price$295.00
Kudos Pendant #2Kudos Pendant #2
Kudos Pendant #2 Sale price$319.00
5-7 DAYSArch PendantArch Pendant
Arch Pendant Sale price$439.00
5-7 DAYSEssential PendantEssential Pendant
Essential Pendant Sale price$389.00
Waves PendantWaves Pendant
Waves Pendant Sale price$439.00
Signature PendantSignature Pendant
Signature Pendant Sale price$287.00
5-7 DAYSRaw Pyramid PendantRaw Pyramid Pendant
Raw Pyramid Pendant Sale price$369.00
5-7 DAYSRaw Circle PendantRaw Circle Pendant
Raw Circle Pendant Sale price$369.00
5-7 DAYSWoven Pendant #2Woven Pendant #2
Woven Pendant #2 Sale price$519.00
Woven PendantWoven Pendant
Woven Pendant Sale price$519.00
NEW INPearl Necklace 6mm | VertexPearl Necklace 6mm | Vertex
Pearl Necklace 6mm | Vertex Sale price$199.00
NEW INTurquoise Necklace 6mm | VertexTurquoise Necklace 6mm | Vertex
NEW INTridacna Necklace 6mm | VertexTridacna Necklace 6mm | Vertex
NEW INTridacna + Lapis Lazuli + Red Coral Jade Necklace 6mm | VertexTridacna + Lapis Lazuli + Red Coral Jade Necklace 6mm | Vertex
NEW INOnyx + Turquoise + Tridacna Necklace 6mm | VertexOnyx + Turquoise + Tridacna Necklace 6mm | Vertex