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Unlock Wisdom, Embrace Truth, Harmonize Relations, Alleviate Stress

Lapis Lazuli GEMSTONE

Renowned for its deep celestial blue, Lapis Lazuli epitomizes wisdom and truth. This revered stone sharpens the intellect and awakens a profound desire for knowledge and understanding.

Wisdom Enhancer

Amplifies intellectual ability and deepens understanding, sparking curiosity and a lifelong pursuit of wisdom.

Truth Revealer

Inspires honesty and authenticity, guiding individuals to discover and embrace their true selves and values.

Harmony Promoter

Fosters peaceful and harmonious relationships, encouraging empathy and understanding among individuals.

Stress Reliever

Calms the mind and soothes the spirit, effectively reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting inner tranquility.


Discover how ancient cultures and civilizations used this gemstone.

ancients AMERICANS

Native American cultures valued Lapis Lazuli for its deep spiritual significance and healing properties. This gemstone was integral to various traditional ceremonial practices, where it was used to facilitate spiritual communication and healing. Shamans and healers believed that Lapis Lazuli possessed the ability to connect the physical and spiritual worlds, making it a powerful tool in their rituals. The stone was thought to grant insight and clarity, assisting in divination and the interpretation of dreams. In addition to its spiritual uses, Lapis Lazuli was employed for its physical healing properties. It was believed to alleviate various ailments, improve mental well-being, and provide protection against negative forces. The rich blue color of Lapis Lazuli was also symbolic of the vast skies and waters, representing wisdom, truth, and a deep connection to the natural world. The stone's presence in artifacts, jewelry, and sacred objects underscored its importance in the spiritual and daily life of Native American peoples.

rome 200 A.c.

In the Roman and Greek civilizations, Lapis Lazuli was esteemed for its vibrant blue color, which was as valuable as the finest gold. The Romans and Greeks used Lapis Lazuli primarily as an artistic pigment known as ultramarine, which was employed in the creation of vivid and long-lasting paints for frescoes and manuscripts. This use of Lapis Lazuli in art signified its connection to creativity, intellect, and divine inspiration. In addition to its artistic applications, Lapis Lazuli held symbolic importance in these cultures. It was believed to possess protective qualities, safeguarding warriors and leaders from harm. The stone was also associated with the gods and goddesses, particularly those linked to love, beauty, and war, indicating its divine and mystical properties. Lapis Lazuli's association with the divine made it a sought-after gem for jewelry and amulets, worn as a symbol of prestige, wisdom, and a connection to the celestial realm.

Egypt 2000 b.c.

Egyptians held Lapis Lazuli in high regard, viewing it as a symbol of the heavens due to its deep blue color reminiscent of the night sky. This precious stone was extensively used in the crafting of jewelry and burial ornaments for pharaohs and other high-ranking officials, signifying wealth, power, and a connection to the divine. Lapis Lazuli was often incorporated into the masks and amulets of the deceased, most notably in the famous mask of Tutankhamun. The Egyptians believed that the stone would provide guidance in the afterlife, ensuring the deceased a safe journey and a prestigious position in the world beyond. It was also ground into powder for use as a pigment in eye shadow and other cosmetics, symbolizing enlightenment and awareness. The use of Lapis Lazuli in cosmetics was not only for aesthetic purposes but also served as a status symbol, reflecting the wearer's noble position in society.


In Asian cultures, Lapis Lazuli was revered as a representation of the heavens and spiritual enlightenment. This stone was used extensively in various spiritual practices across different cultures, from Hinduism and Buddhism to other local belief systems. Monks and spiritual leaders often included Lapis Lazuli in their meditative practices, believing that it enhanced their connection to the divine and assisted in their journey towards enlightenment. In addition to its spiritual uses, Lapis Lazuli was a favored stone in the creation of ornate jewelry and carvings, symbolizing wisdom, nobility, and the pursuit of truth. Its presence in temples and palaces as a decorative element signified the high regard for this gemstone. The rich blue hue of Lapis Lazuli was also symbolic of the vastness and depth of the universe, encouraging a broader perspective and deeper understanding of the world.

africans tribes

In African tribes, Lapis Lazuli was cherished for its spiritual significance and healing powers. The stone was often employed in ritualistic practices, believed to provide protection against evil spirits and negative energies. African shamans and spiritual leaders used Lapis Lazuli in their healing rituals, attributing to it the power to cleanse the soul and bring about spiritual awakening. The stone was thought to enhance communication with ancestral spirits, granting guidance and wisdom. Lapis Lazuli's deep blue color, reminiscent of the night sky, was symbolic of the mysteries of the universe and the depths of the human soul. It was also used in the creation of amulets and talismans, worn for protection and to attract good fortune. The use of Lapis Lazuli in jewelry and ornamentation was not only an aesthetic choice but also a reflection of the wearer's spiritual connection and status within the tribe. The stone's presence in cultural artifacts and adornments highlights its enduring significance in African heritage and spiritual practices.

Ajna - Enlighten Your Insight


Unveil heightened intuition and insight with Lapis Lazuli's connection to the Third Eye Chakra.

Third Eye Chakra


Location: Centered on the forehead, just above the intersection of the eyebrows.

Properties: This chakra is associated with intuition, insight, and mental clarity.

Lapis Lazuli's Influence: Lapis Lazuli is known for its ability to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra. It enhances intuition and psychic abilities, encouraging spiritual enlightenment and self-awareness. It can help in opening up the mind to deeper insights and strengthen clairvoyant and psychic abilities.

Vishuddha - Express Your Truth


Enhance truthful expression and communication through Lapis Lazuli's alignment with the Throat Chakra.

Throat Chakra


Location: At the throat area.

Properties: This chakra governs communication, self-expression, and truth.

Lapis Lazuli's Influence: Lapis Lazuli's impact on the Throat Chakra is profound. It aids in expressing one's thoughts and feelings clearly and authentically. It encourages honesty and helps in speaking one's truth with confidence and clarity. The stone is believed to be particularly beneficial for those who have difficulty in making their voices heard or who tend to suppress their thoughts and feelings.

Effects of lapis lazuli on the Human Being



Lapis Lazuli enhances spiritual enlightenment and awakens psychic abilities. It facilitates a deeper understanding of the mystical and the unseen, connecting the physical and spiritual worlds, and fostering a journey of inner discovery.


This gemstone promotes self-awareness and emotional intelligence. It helps in overcoming depression by bringing to light underlying emotional patterns and encouraging positive self-reflection and mental resilience.


Lapis Lazuli improves cognitive function and intellectual agility. It sharpens the mind, aiding in concentration and problem-solving, making it an excellent stone for students and professionals alike.


The stone encourages emotional healing, particularly useful in overcoming trauma and emotional blockages. It helps in releasing deep-seated fears and brings a sense of peace and calm to the emotional body.


Known for its support of the immune system, Lapis Lazuli also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It can aid in reducing physical discomfort and is believed to be beneficial in healing various ailments, particularly those related to inflammation.


Lapis Lazuli's healing energy extends across the physical, emotional, and mental planes.

Immunity Booster

Lapis Lazuli is believed to strengthen the immune system, bolstering the body's natural defense mechanisms. This supports overall health and resilience, making the body better equipped to fight off illnesses and maintain well-being.

Emotional Soother

The stone is known for its calming properties, alleviating emotional turmoil and promoting deep inner peace. It helps in balancing emotional highs and lows, providing a soothing presence that can be particularly beneficial during times of stress or grief.

Mental Clarifier

Lapis Lazuli aids in clearing mental fog and improving concentration. It encourages clearer thinking and better focus, making it an excellent aid for those needing to organize their thoughts or work through complex ideas.


This gemstone has properties that help in reducing inflammation and easing physical discomfort. It can be beneficial in addressing issues like swelling, skin irritations, and other inflammatory conditions, contributing to physical comfort and healing.



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Lapis Lazuli, with its rich blue hue and profound healing qualities, remains an emblem of wisdom and truth across various cultures.