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onyx gemstone

Onyx symbolizes inner strength and resilience to face new goals. Seen as a stone of focus and determination, it protects against negativity and empowers against challenges, promoting personal growth and spiritual search through introspection and self-understanding.


Discover how ancient cultures and civilizations used this gemstone.

Egypt 2000 b.c.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Onyx: The Pharaohs' Hidden Gem

In the sands of time, beneath the scorching sun of ancient Egypt, lay a dark and mysterious treasure: the Onyx stone. More than a mere gem, Onyx was a symbol of divine power, a keeper of eternal secrets, carved by the hands of master craftsmen.

The Oracle of Eternity: In each piece of Onyx, the Egyptians saw an oracle, a mirror of the cosmos. They used it in jewelry and amulets, believing each stone was a fragment of infinity, a bridge between mortals and gods.

The Shield Against Shadows: In the realm of the spiritual, Onyx was a shield, a bastion against dark forces. The ancients believed this night-black stone could repel negativity, enveloping its bearer in an aura of divine protection.

The Guardian of the Afterlife: In sacred funerary rituals, Onyx was the guardian of the soul. Placed alongside pharaohs and nobles on their final journey, it was believed this sacred stone guided spirits across the river of oblivion, towards the realm of immortality.

The Symbol of Unbreakable Strength: As a reflection of the pharaohs' fortitude, Onyx was a symbol of power and resilience. Its hardness and durability were metaphors for a realm believed eternal, an empire carved in the stone of destiny.

The Jewel of Temples and Tombs: In sacred chambers and majestic temples, Onyx shone with a mystical glow. Carved into sculptures and art objects, each piece was a tribute to the gods, a reminder of the glory and mystery of the ancient world.

Thus, Onyx was not just a stone. It was an emblem of the divine, a silent witness to a time when gods walked with men. In its darkness, lay the secrets of the universe, waiting to be uncovered by those who dared to look beyond the veil of time.


In the stillness of the Onyx stone, there lies a path to harmony. As night embraces day, so does Onyx unite Yin and Yang, reminding us that true peace resides in balance.

This dark crystal, silent and steadfast, is a reflection of inner strength. Within it, warriors and sages find a mirror of their own resilience, a reminder that true strength arises from calmness and clarity.

In the solitude of temples, Onyx becomes a companion in the quest for inner knowledge. It is a beacon on the journey towards enlightenment, guiding souls through the mysteries of being and the universe.

As water flows and transforms, so does Onyx teach us about change and renewal. It shows us that even in the deepest darkness, there is a promise of rebirth and light.

In the presence of Onyx, there is the serenity of a calm lake. Its energy invites reflection and balance, reminding us to live in harmony with ourselves and the world.

Thus, Onyx is not just a stone; it is a silent teacher, a guardian of ancient wisdom, offering lessons of life and spirit to those who seek to understand the eternal mysteries.

rome 200 A.c.

Unveiling Onyx: The Gem of Ancient Wisdom and Power

In the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome, the Onyx stood as a symbol of mystery and might. Revered by philosophers and emperors alike, it was more than a gem—it was a beacon of prestige and protection.

The Mirror of Mind and Spirit: In Greece, Onyx was believed to symbolize the complexity of thought and the soul's journey, revered as a portal to wisdom.

The Talisman of Strength: In Rome, it adorned leaders and warriors, esteemed as a symbol of unyielding courage and the enduring spirit of the empire.

The Seal of Authority: Onyx seals were unique symbols of power, used by emperors to decree the fates of nations, binding their will to the stone's eternal nature.

The Divine Offering: In temples, Onyx connected the earthly to the divine, a sacred offering to the gods, bridging the gap between mortals and immortals.

In both Greek and Roman civilizations, Onyx transcended its role as a mere gemstone. It was a testament to human ambition and divine connection, a stone that captured the essence of two of history's most influential cultures. In its depths lay the secrets of a bygone era, a timeless invitation to explore the mysteries of a world long past.

ancients AMERICANS

Discover the Mystic Stones of Ancient Americas

In the lush jungles and vast deserts of ancient America, civilizations like the Maya, Toltec, Aztec, and Native Tribes revered sacred stones as divine conduits and cosmic mirrors.

Whispers of the Gods: For the Maya, stones were divine whispers, bridging earth and heaven. Used in sacred rituals, they believed these stones connected them to the celestial realm.

Warriors' Amulets: The Toltecs saw stones as talismans of war and protection. Warriors carried them into battle, believing in their power to grant strength and courage.

Aztec Oracles: The Aztecs, masters of mysticism, used stones as oracles. They sought guidance from these stones for future predictions and to maintain cosmic balance.

Spirit of the Earth: Native American tribes revered stones as embodiments of Mother Earth. Used in healing ceremonies and rites of passage, they believed each stone held a spirit, a guardian of ancient wisdom.

Eternal Narratives: These cultures etched their histories and legends into stone, creating eternal narratives of gods, heroes, and epic tales.

Soul's Journey: In funerary rites, stones guided souls to the afterlife, serving as sacred offerings and bridges between worlds.


Beneficial for teeth, bones, bone marrow, blood disorders and feet. Helps with problems related to the ears, kidneys and heart.



Onyx, a black precious stone, is intrinsically connected to the root chakra, or Muladhara, located at the base of the spine. This chakra symbolizes security, stability, and connection to the earth.



Location and Meaning: Situated at the base of the spine, it represents stability and basic needs.

Influence of Onyx: Strengthens the connection with the earth, providing stability and security, particularly useful in times of stress.

Effects of Amethyst on the Human Being



Onyx is considered a stone of spiritual protection. It is believed to help repel negative energies and strengthen spiritual growth and connection with the higher self.


Helps to strengthen self-confidence and combat fears and anxieties. It is known for its stabilizing effect.


It is associated with improving mental clarity and concentration. It is a useful stone for decision making and problem solving.


Promotes emotional stability. It is said that onyx helps to manage and balance intense emotions and feelings of sadness.


It is often attributed the ability to improve the function of sensory organs, especially the ears, and to strengthen the immune system.



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Onyx's rich history, cultural significance, and metaphysical properties make it a unique and cherished gemstone in various traditions and practices.