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Tiger Bracelet 6mm | Premium Spacer

Sale price$229.00
Material:Gold Vermeil

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Tiger Bracelet 6mm | Premium Spacer
Tiger Bracelet 6mm | Premium Spacer Sale price$229.00

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A Talisman of Courage and Protection

Tiger's Eye GEMSTONE

The Tiger's Eye, with its golden and brown bands, symbolizes bravery and protection. This gem is known for its ability to instill confidence and dispel fear, making it a powerful ally in facing challenges and achieving personal goals.


Discover how ancient cultures and civilizations used this gemstone.

Egypt 2000 b.c.

In the sands of ancient Egypt, beneath the scorching sun, lay a dark and mysterious treasure - the Tiger Eye stone. Beyond a mere gem, Tiger Eye was a symbol of divine power, holding eternal secrets. Crafted by master artisans, it was seen as an oracle, a bridge between mortals and gods. The Egyptians used it in jewelry and amulets, believing each stone was a fragment of infinity, offering divine protection against dark forces. In sacred funerary rituals, Tiger Eye guided spirits to the afterlife. It was a tribute to the gods and a reminder of the mysteries of the ancient world.


The Path to Harmony: Wisdom of Tiger Eye in Asian Traditions
Tiger Eye, a stone of balance, holds the key to inner peace. Like Yin and Yang, it teaches that true serenity lies in equilibrium. This stone of inner strength mirrors the resilience of warriors and sages, reminding us that strength comes from calmness and clarity. In temples, Tiger Eye becomes a companion on the path to enlightenment, guiding souls through life's mysteries. It represents change and renewal, even in darkness, promising rebirth and light. In its presence, there is serenity, a reminder to live in harmony with ourselves and the world.

rome 200 A.c.

In the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome, Tiger Eye stood as a symbol of mystery and strength. Philosopher and emperor alike revered it as more than a gem - a symbol of prestige and protection. In Greece, Tiger Eye symbolized the complexity of thought and the soul's journey. It was seen as a portal to wisdom. In Rome, leaders and warriors embraced it as a symbol of courage and the enduring spirit of the empire. Tiger Eye seals were symbols of power, used by emperors to decree the fates of nations, binding their will to the stone's eternal nature. In temples, it connected the earthly to the divine, bridging the gap between mortals and immortals.

ancients AMERICANS

In the lush jungles and vast deserts of ancient America, civilizations like the Maya, Toltec, Aztec, and Native Tribes revered sacred stones as divine conduits and cosmic mirrors. Stones were divine whispers to the Maya, connecting them to the celestial realm. Toltecs saw them as talismans of war and protection. Aztecs used stones as oracles for future predictions and to maintain cosmic balance. Native American tribes believed each stone held a spirit, a guardian of ancient wisdom, used in healing ceremonies and rites of passage. These cultures etched their histories and legends into stone, creating eternal narratives.


Beneficial for maintaining the integrity of bones, muscles, and alleviating digestive issues and discomfort.

equilibrate your middle energy


Tiger Eye is intrinsically connected to the solar plexus chakra, Manipura. Located in the abdomen, this chakra represents personal strength and power. Tiger Eye helps balance this chakra, reinforcing self-esteem and willpower.



Location and Meaning: Located in the abdomen, this chakra represents personal strength and power.

Influence of Tiger Eye: Helps balance this chakra, reinforcing self-esteem and willpower.

Effects of Amethyst on the Human Being



Onyx is considered a stone of spiritual protection. It is believed to help repel negative energies and strengthen spiritual growth and connection with the higher self.


Helps to strengthen self-confidence and combat fears and anxieties. It is known for its stabilizing effect.


It is associated with improving mental clarity and concentration. It is a useful stone for decision making and problem solving.


Promotes emotional stability. It is said that onyx helps to manage and balance intense emotions and feelings of sadness.


It is often attributed the ability to improve the function of sensory organs, especially the ears, and to strengthen the immune system.



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