Kudos Bracelet #3

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Color: Silver

Let desire take hold of you, and let this extraordinary piece of fine jewelry wrap your wrist to elevate your outfit to another level.

Elegance, distinction and not settling for the ordinary are the principles from which this unique piece of jewelry has emerged.

Each of the sinuously intertwining links is an allegory of the human vertebrae. The bracelet itself is a representation of the human spine.

The spine is responsible for standing upright, walking upright, and the flexibility and torsion of your body. In addition, it protects the communication from the brain to the rest of the body and vice versa.

Feel with this jewel on your wrist the strength to stand up as many times as it takes. The determination and the firm step towards your goals. The flexibility of body and mind to adapt to the journey, just as the reed becomes flexible to the wind without breaking. And your inner communication with yourself, protected and cleansed of all negativity and mental limitations.

A noble metal such as 925 sterling silver is what our artisans chose as the basis for this small work of art. It is available in silver, gold vermeil and black gold rhodium plated finish. The most expensive metal on earth.

Choose the finish you like the most and make this piece your next favorite. You will definitely not want to take it off.

Class, style and personality can't be bought, although sometimes desire awakens doubt...

  • Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver Links / 24k Gold Vermeil / Rhodium over 925 Sterling Silver
  • Bracelet Wide: 8mm
  • Type: Link Bracelet
  • Clasp Type: Hook Closure
  • Package: High quality velvet pocuhes
  • 100% Handcrafted


METAL: To carefully wipe this jewel, use the supplied polishing cloth, then remove any residual tarnish with mild diluted soap. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry the piece before storing it in the jewelry pouch given.

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