Giving yourself as a gift is the best way to get it right. Do it, you deserve it.

Gift Guide 2022

They say that Black Friday is a very good time to give a gift, but the truth is that the passion for jewelry is something very personal and very few people know how to get it right. That's why at Seekers we believe that Black Friday and Holidays is the best time to give yourself a gift, no one better than you will know what you want. And well, after all the work you've had to do, especially in Q4, which is intense for everyone, We think it's the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and give your best jewelry a new touch. Think of it as a recognition for all the things you have achieved and that maybe nobody has even congratulated you for. You know what they say, "If nobody congratulates you, do it yourself". Also, in case you have been some time disconnected or waiting for this perfect occasion, I think these recommendations will be great for you. Gifts for you, BRACELETS lover We know that if you're here it's because you love bracelets, and honestly we do too, without a doubt, the core of our collections. That's why it should also be the first thing you should think about for a self gift, I don't need to tell you the infinite possibilities you have, but here are our recommendations:

Here are our guidelines for measuring your wrist

The top sellers bracelets in precious metals since we brought them out very close to sold out, and probably by Black Friday it won't last, so, if I were you, I would keep some in my cart, and I would be punctual to the appointment, so I wouldn't miss it.

Our Jewels in the Crown

Kudos Bracelet #3Kudos Bracelet #3
-10% OFF

Kudos Bracelet #3

from $674.10 $749.00
Kudos BraceletKudos Bracelet
-10% OFF

Kudos Bracelet

from $539.10 $599.00
Zetta BraceletZetta Bracelet
-10% OFF

Zetta Bracelet

from $629.10 $699.00
Bezel Cuff BraceletBezel Cuff Bracelet
-10% OFF

Bezel Cuff Bracelet

from $404.10 $449.00
Kudos Bracelet #2Kudos Bracelet #2
-10% OFF

Kudos Bracelet #2

from $494.10 $549.00
Leather Cuff BraceletLeather Cuff Bracelet
-10% OFF

Leather Cuff Bracelet

from $296.10 $329.00
Raw Chain Bracelet #3Raw Chain Bracelet #3
-10% OFF

Raw Chain Bracelet #3

from $314.10 $349.00
Woven Cuff BraceletWoven Cuff Bracelet
-10% OFF

Woven Cuff Bracelet

from $287.10 $319.00

Our passion for natural gemstones has made us travel half the world on trips of real enjoyment to collect the stones with the best properties and meanings. We wanted the most powerful ones to maximize the energy they give to their wearer. But we also get the most beautiful and incredible natural stones to create unique jewels with them...

the world's best beaded bracelets

Premium BraceletPremium Bracelet
-10% OFF

Premium Bracelet

from $233.10 $259.00
Waves BraceletWaves Bracelet
-10% OFF

Waves Bracelet

from $215.10 $239.00
SWA Oct BraceletSWA Oct Bracelet
-10% OFF

SWA Oct Bracelet

from $305.10 $339.00
Royale BraceletRoyale Bracelet
-10% OFF

Royale Bracelet

from $296.10 $329.00
Woven BraceletWoven Bracelet
-10% OFF

Woven Bracelet

from $251.10 $279.00
Prestige Skull BraceletPrestige Skull Bracelet
-10% OFF

Prestige Skull Bracelet

from $269.10 $299.00
Geom BraceletGeom Bracelet
-10% OFF

Geom Bracelet

from $224.10 $249.00

Power, style and elegance combine for perfection. The brilliance of gold is magical, rivalled only by the eyes of the beholder.

Your time to shine

Colorful in 18 karat gold

Rose Gold Bracelet - SWARose Gold Bracelet - SWA
-10% OFF

Rose Gold Bracelet - SWA

from $5,850.00 $6,500.00
18k Solid Gold Bracelet - Royale18k Solid Gold Bracelet - Royale
-10% OFF

18k Solid Gold Bracelet - Royale

from $4,320.00 $4,800.00
Kudos 18k BraceletKudos 18k Bracelet
-10% OFF

Kudos 18k Bracelet

from $7,650.00 $8,500.00
Solid Rose Gold Bracelet - PremiumSolid Rose Gold Bracelet - Premium
-10% OFF

Solid Rose Gold Bracelet - Premium

from $2,970.00 $3,300.00
Woven Solid Gold BraceletWoven Solid Gold Bracelet
-10% OFF

Woven Solid Gold Bracelet

from $4,320.00 $4,800.00
Solid White Gold Bracelet - GeomSolid White Gold Bracelet - Geom
-10% OFF

Solid White Gold Bracelet - Geom

from $3,825.00 $4,250.00
Solid Gold Bracelet - EssentialSolid Gold Bracelet - Essential
-10% OFF

Solid Gold Bracelet - Essential

from $1,125.00 $1,250.00
Solid Gold Bracelet - PremiumSolid Gold Bracelet - Premium
-10% OFF

Solid Gold Bracelet - Premium

from $2,970.00 $3,300.00

Ring Typs & Meaning


Another piece of jewelry that is a very good choice for self-gifting on Black Friday is a ring.

While men's jewelry is more limited to a watch or a wedding band, this has long since been changing, also driven by jewelry creators like Seekers.

It's fairly easy to find a style guide for watches, but it gets more complicated if you're looking for one for rings.

While some traditional rules are usually followed, feel free to modify them and adapt them to your tastes, personal choice and style.

Choose your corresponding size by comparing your finger measurements to the chart below or by following the directions in our printable guide.

Signet and Authority Rings

The right hand is considered more active and dominant, and the index finger, in particular, denotes family status and membership in a club or fraternity. It is the ideal finger to wear a signet ring, shield or symbol of power.

Confidence and Fierceness Rings

Little finger rings are often eye-catching to convey confidence and a bit of a wild side. It is common to see Hollywood bad boys with rings like this on their pinky fingers.

A ring on the middle finger?

If you wear several rings, the middle finger will be more stylish if the ring is minimalist and simple, so it will not clash with the rest.
If you opt for a single ring on your hand, the middle finger is the one to choose, even if the ring is bulky.

Eye-catching yet sophisticated

Let's remember the big old thumb. A wide, huge ring on the thumb will instantly make you and your style stand out from the crowd. Classic wide bands on the thumb are a great option to make it flashy yet sophisticated.

On ring finger

Traditionally, guys wear their wedding bands on the fourth finger of the left hand. So yeah, that's why it's called your ring finger.
That's why the rings usually worn on these fingers on both the left and right hand are usually not bulky or very flashy.

Wearing multiple rings is another fashion statement that you can try your hands on. The art of wearing multiple rings requires the right balance and spacing between fingers and thumb. Following the rule that less is more, opt for two or three fingers at the max for the stackable look.

Wear just one ring or multiple rings?