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Official Statement "We have raised prices"

Hi there,

You are about to read the hardest thing I have had to write in the last 5 years. 


I'm Cesar, CEO of Seekers®. Designing men's jewelry is my passion and what makes me jump out of bed...

If my English were more fluent (I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and I like to take care of the small details), I would be up to our creations, and I would have recorded a video (This will come too).

Since 2017 we have not stopped growing. Thousands and thousands of customers, new products (we started with bracelets, then rings, pendants, chains and cufflinks), new collections... Nonconformism moves us, the desire to provide more and more value, and you deserve more.

Along the way, we have encountered countless challenges and many obstacles (perhaps this is the biggest of all).

We're really proud of what we've built, but we want to give you more...

We were born for you. To create a space where you can express yourself, choose how you look and feel, as the complex and unique man you are.

Nothing will keep us from our objectives (not even this huge current problem).

We will make Seekers@ the world reference in jewelry just for men. We won't stop until we achieve it.. 


Although we are clear about our future, the present is what it is, and we cannot give up on it...

TODAY, OUR COMPANY IS NOT PROFITABLE. Our presence in the offline world has allowed us to stay on our feet. But, our resources are not infinite...

The last two years have been tremendous. We haven't escaped this worldwide situation either; pandemics, wars, excessive inflation?

Without going any further, since we created Seekers® in 2017, the price of silver (75% of our products are silver and 25% are gold) has risen by 47%.

In the last year, 2021, silver has gone up 22%. So if you can't fight it, adapt...

For this reason, and because we want to continue creating the best premium men's jewelry, WE HAVE TO RAISE PRICES. 

There is no other solution if we are to keep the promises I have made to you (and our commitment to you). 


We will not take our production to China, Indonesia or any other Asian country to reduce costs and be more profitable.

We will continue to be obsessed with small details and the search for the exquisite. This is how our artisans work when creating each piece of jewelry. We can't conceive of any other way of doing things, and that's everything to us...

We can't and don't want to give you less. But, we are not yet up to what you deserve. So, I want more for you because it makes me feel a better person and self-fulfilled.

That's why, to maintain everything that has made Seekers® a reference, we have to raise prices. 

You will continue to get what you deserve. We will go out of our comfort zone, looking to exceed your expectations (and ours) because our jewelry is not for everyone, only for the most demanding (like you who are not satisfied with the ordinary).

Maybe we have been utopian... Since we started, we have only thought about giving you more. We have not taken into account thousands of things that were necessary. Now the moment has come when everything has exploded. 

We have delayed this decision for months. It has cost us a lot, and the truth is that we should have made it earlier, but now it is urgent. 

Sometimes, you don't realize that precisely what you want to avoid is what you must do to take care of your customers, even if it means raising prices.

We must keep bringing you more value every day and, at the same time, make our vision a reality. So the path is this, there is no turning back. We will move forward with firm step and determination. That's Seekers® DNA. 


The rise will not be immediate. It's the least you deserve...

Until SUNDAY 28th at 23:59 PT, it will be as if you have between a 15 or 20% DISCOUNT on all our products (just what our prices will go up after that).

Think of it as a BLACK FRIDAY IN AUGUST, seriously. From Monday, we will have no more discounts all year, except for the 10% first-time purchase and Black Friday.  

We literally cannot afford to discount, or we will have to close our business and/or stop keeping our promises to you.

If you want to take the opportunity to buy before the rise, go ahead and do it, this is the perfect time.

In case you want to wait until later, really, it is a gesture that honors you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you for being so understanding. A big hug,

Cesar Carregal, founder of Seekers®.


P.S.: We are perfectionists, but not perfect. If you think we are making a mistake or there is another possible solution, feel free to write to me. I'll be happy to read it.