Who are we? It is not simple, sometimes we find it hard to know ourselves. Every step, every stumble, every success is a brushstroke on the canvas of our lives.

But we know what has brought us here, to this precise moment. We can't resist being who we are, we can't help but do what we do.

Seekers® is the result of non-conformism, of the ideas and thoughts of those of us who take nothing for granted. We are men who question the rules, fate and destiny because they limit our potential.

We decided to break the limitations. Change luck for determination, rules for overcoming, and destiny, for the courage to choose in every moment who we want to be. The fearlessness to live this way every day, assuming the consequences.

Beyond triumphs and victories, above our own recognition, we would like to leave our mark on this world. We want a little piece of ourselves to last in time as something extraordinary. To feel a sense of fulfillment and to find our purpose in life.

When we break our mental schemes and connect our passion and work, vocation appears. We are getting closer to that life purpose. Everything starts to make sense, it emerges effortlessly just as grass sprouts, pure creation.

Art, beauty, the extraordinary, emerges from a place deeper than our minds. It happens effortlessly in that instant, because we were born to be the creators of exactly that. Right there, we make our mark.



Seekers® merges traditional craftsmanship and the latest trends in the fashion world to give you as a man the freedom to choose.

A space for the man of today where you can express yourself, where you decide how you look and feel. A place where you create your own lifestyle.

After more than 30 years searching the world for the most valuable minerals, carefully selected materials from nature, precious stones full of history and power, we have combined them with noble metals such as gold, silver and black gold to create unique jewelry, pieces that speak through you.

From the first sketch, each piece is created as something unique, specially designed to take pride of place for the most demanding customers, those like you who are not satisfied with the ordinary.

This is the “raison d’être” of Seekers®.


For us, our jewelry is the most intimate art form, like a small-scale sculpture activated by your body at that particular moment.

Because we are different people on the same day. At work, at leisure, at social events. We can make these moments extraordinary, even a way of life. We want to help you create perfect moments, those that you will never forget, because, what is life if not moments?

As the great American poet Walt Whitman said << Don't let the day end without having grown a little, without having been happy, without having increased your dreams >> and above all << Don't give up the desire to make your life extraordinary >>.

We share with you our own reflection, words that try to express what we are although they rather reflect a feeling, the feeling of Seekers®:

Life drags me like a horse without control, pulls me through inhospitable places. What was permeates my body, my mind, my soul, making me believe that I am me. But life has no answer to who I am, only I choose who I want to be.

Seekers®, become the man you want to be.