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4th of July Collection

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34 products

5-7 DAYSSnake Cuff BraceletSnake Cuff Bracelet
Snake Cuff Bracelet Sale price€221,00
5-7 DAYSKudos Ring #3Kudos Ring #3
Kudos Ring #3 Sale price€184,00
Onyx Necklace 8mm | RoyaleOnyx Necklace 8mm | Royale
Onyx Necklace 8mm | Royale Sale price€184,00 Regular price€211,00
5-7 DAYSRoyale RingRoyale Ring
Royale Ring Sale price€154,00
5-7 DAYSRaw Chain Bracelet #3Raw Chain Bracelet #3
Raw Chain Bracelet #3 Sale price€211,00
5-7 DAYSKudos Ring #2Kudos Ring #2
Kudos Ring #2 Sale price€125,00
5-7 DAYSGeom RingGeom Ring
Geom Ring Sale price€184,00
5-7 DAYSWoven Cuff BraceletWoven Cuff Bracelet
Woven Cuff Bracelet Sale price€267,00
5-7 DAYSKudos PendantKudos Pendant
Kudos Pendant Sale price€272,00
5-7 DAYSKudos Bracelet #2Kudos Bracelet #2
Kudos Bracelet #2 Sale price€460,00
5-7 DAYSWaves RingWaves Ring
Waves Ring Sale price€285,00
5-7 DAYSSWA RingSWA Ring
SWA Ring Sale price€303,00
5-7 DAYSRaw Pyramid PendantRaw Pyramid Pendant
Raw Pyramid Pendant Sale price€340,00
5-7 DAYSRoyale PendantRoyale Pendant
Royale Pendant Sale price€272,00
5-7 DAYSEssential PendantEssential Pendant
Essential Pendant Sale price€359,00
Kudos Pendant #2Kudos Pendant #2
Kudos Pendant #2 Sale price€294,00
5-7 DAYSEssential Cuff BraceletEssential Cuff Bracelet
Essential Cuff Bracelet Sale price€239,00
5-7 DAYSArch PendantArch Pendant
Arch Pendant Sale price€405,00
5-7 DAYSRaw Circle PendantRaw Circle Pendant
Raw Circle Pendant Sale price€340,00
5-7 DAYSGeom PendantGeom Pendant
Geom Pendant Sale price€213,00
5-7 DAYSWoven Ring #2Woven Ring #2
Woven Ring #2 Sale price€285,00
5-7 DAYSLayer RingLayer Ring
Layer Ring Sale price€276,00
5-7 DAYSPyramid Raw RingPyramid Raw Ring
Pyramid Raw Ring Sale price€294,00
5-7 DAYSWoven Pendant #2Woven Pendant #2
Woven Pendant #2 Sale price€478,00
Signature PendantSignature Pendant
Signature Pendant Sale price€265,00
5-7 DAYSGeom Pendant #2Geom Pendant #2
Geom Pendant #2 Sale price€276,00
5-7 DAYSEssential RingEssential Ring
Essential Ring Sale price€176,00
Woven PendantWoven Pendant
Woven Pendant Sale price€478,00
5-7 DAYSSignature RingSignature Ring
Signature Ring Sale price€169,00
Waves PendantWaves Pendant
Waves Pendant Sale price€405,00
5-7 DAYSLeather Cuff BraceletLeather Cuff Bracelet
Leather Cuff Bracelet Sale price€340,00
5-7 DAYSWoven RingWoven Ring
Woven Ring Sale price€285,00
5-7 DAYSOct RingOct Ring
Oct Ring Sale price€267,00
5-7 DAYSEssential Ring #2Essential Ring #2
Essential Ring #2 Sale price€267,00