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Article: Tridacna Gemstone

Tridacna Gemstone

Tridacna Gemstone

The Shell of Purity and Wisdom

Calm the nerves, decrease insomnia

Tridacna stone tends to relax the whole body to soothe frazzled nerves and also helps to relieve insomnia. Blood pressure is also said to decrease, promote good metabolism and provide anti-aging benefits. This pure white stone helps stabilize your mood while clearing your mind from anxiety. This will help balance your mind and emotions and help avoid or relieve stress

Discover inner peace

Ranked as the Whiteest Material in Nature, and one of Buddhism's Seven Wonders. Through the silence Tridacna beads encourage inner peace and enlightenment

Health benefits

Tridacna strengthens the human body's magnetic field and produces an aura of defense from harmful energies. It calms one's mind, increases wisdom and encourages the flow of good energy. Tridacna has a health benefits that improve such as improved metabolism, osteroporosis prevention, and anti-aging properties.

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