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Find Peace, Spark Creativity, Seek Insight, Balance Emotions


Symbolizes serenity, clarity, and growth; a stone for peaceful creativity and emotional balance.

Stress Reliever

Offers a tranquil retreat from stress, anxiety, and the chaos of daily life, calming the mind and spirit.

Creativity Stimulator

Acts as a muse, unlocking the gates of creativity and inspiring a flow of new, innovative ideas and artistic vision.

Insight Enhancer

Deepens meditation, connecting the spiritual realm with the conscious mind, fostering a greater understanding of self and the universe.

Emotional Balancer

Gently soothes turbulent emotions, easing feelings of anger, frustration, and emotional turmoil, promoting a sense of inner peace and emotional resilience.


Discover how ancient cultures and civilizations used this gemstone.

ancients AMERICANS

Envision Native American tribes recognizing Howlite as a sacred stone, integral to ceremonies and healing rituals. Its serene vibrations could have been used to calm the mind during vision quests and spiritual communication, facilitating a deeper understanding between the physical and spiritual worlds. Shamans might have employed Howlite in their healing practices, using its peaceful energy to soothe emotional and physical ailments, promoting harmony and well-being within the tribe. Its resemblance to the landscape, with colors and patterns echoing the sprawling vistas of the American continent, could have made it a symbol of the earth's vast beauty and power.

rome 200 A.c.

In the grandeur of Rome and the scholarly agoras of Greece, Howlite could have been esteemed as a stone of intellect and emotional control. Philosophers, orators, and poets might have sought after Howlite for its purported ability to clear the mind and stimulate insightful thinking, making it a prized possession for those engaged in debates and the exploration of philosophical quandaries. Soldiers and leaders, meanwhile, might have carried Howlite into battle or political assemblies, believing it would imbue them with the calm and determination necessary to face their adversaries with wisdom and courage.

Egypt 2000 b.c.

If Howlite had been accessible to the ancient Egyptians, it's conceivable that this stone would have been cherished for its tranquility-inducing properties. Envisioned as a tool for easing the transition into the afterlife, Howlite could have been incorporated into burial rites and placed within tombs as a talisman to ensure a peaceful journey through Duat. Its calming energy might have been sought after by priests and magicians to soothe the soul during life, meditation, and elaborate rituals, aligning with Ma'at—the concept of cosmic order and balance. Furthermore, artisans could have crafted amulets and jewelry from Howlite, believing its presence would imbue the wearer with inner peace and clarity of mind, essential for maintaining harmony with the gods.


In a reimagined history, Howlite might have held a place of reverence within ancient Asian spiritual practices, valued for its potential to deepen meditation and enhance enlightenment. Monks and spiritual seekers across the continent, from the serene monasteries of Tibet to the tranquil gardens of Japan, could have utilized Howlite as a meditation aid, its soothing energy facilitating a deeper connection to the divine. Philosophers and scholars, particularly those influenced by the teachings of Buddha and Lao Tse, might have seen in Howlite a physical representation of the path to wisdom—aiding in the cultivation of patience, understanding, and a harmonious balance between the physical and spiritual realms.

africans tribes

African shamans and healers, in a world where Howlite was known to them, might have prized the stone for its serene and purifying energies. Used in rituals to promote healing and emotional balance, Howlite could have been considered a powerful ally against the turmoil of the soul. Its calming presence might have been sought in times of community distress or personal grief, providing a grounding force that reminded individuals of the enduring strength and resilience of the human spirit. Adornments and protective amulets crafted from Howlite could have been worn to harness its tranquil energies, reinforcing connections to ancestral wisdom and the natural world.



Howlite forms a profound bond with the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara, acting as a conduit for spiritual enlightenment and higher consciousness.



Position: Seventh Chakra.

  • Universal Harmony and Enlightenment: Howlite facilitates the flow of divine energy, aligning you with the universe’s infinite wisdom and promoting a sense of universal harmony.
  • Wisdom and Inner Peace: It nurtures inner peace, wisdom, and a deeper understanding of both the self and the cosmos, encouraging enlightenment and spiritual awakening.



Additionally, Howlite resonates with the Third Eye Chakra, Ajna, sharpening intuition and opening the gateway to inner knowledge and truth.



Position: Sixth Chakra.

  • Mental Clarity and Intuition: Howlite clarifies the mind, enhancing intuition and inner vision, aiding in the dissolution of mental barriers to truth.
  • Insight and Awareness: It supports the development of psychic abilities and deepens awareness, facilitating insight into one’s spiritual path and life decisions.

Effects of howlite on the Human Being



Howlite elevates spiritual consciousness by facilitating deeper meditation and connection to higher wisdom. It's beneficial for enhancing spiritual exploration and inner peace.


This gemstone alleviates stress and diminishes anger, fostering a calm, patient mindset. It's particularly effective for enhancing emotional well-being and promoting mindfulness.


Howlite sharpens focus and aids in concentration, making it ideal for creative and intellectual pursuits. It clears the mind for better decision-making and problem-solving.


It gently soothes and stabilizes emotions, providing a sense of calm in turbulent times. Howlite is excellent for emotional healing, helping to balance mood swings.


Known for assisting with sleep issues, Howlite promotes restful sleep and may help with calcium balance in the body, supporting bone health.


Howlite, a beacon of tranquility, nurtures the mind, body, and spirit with its soothing presence. Howlite soothes emotions, enhances sleep quality, and supports bone strength, offering holistic well-being.

Soothing Sleep

Howlite's calming energy lays the foundation for deep, restorative sleep, making it an invaluable ally against insomnia. It creates a serene mental state conducive to peaceful rest, aiding those who struggle with sleep disturbances.

Emotional Healing

This gemstone acts as a gentle emotional cleanser, easing the heart of burdensome feelings. It facilitates the release of stored anger, resentment, and anxiety, fostering a sense of emotional renewal and resilience.

Mental Clarity

By dispelling mental fog and confusion, Howlite promotes a state of clarity and focused thought. It encourages mindfulness and aids in the cultivation of a serene, meditative state, enhancing decision-making and cognitive processes.

Bone Strengthening

Beyond its mental and emotional benefits, Howlite is believed to support bone health. It's thought to assist in the body's calcium absorption, contributing to stronger bones and teeth, thereby supporting overall physical wellness.



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