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Your Unique Navigator for New Adventures


Map Jasper is a captivating gemstone known for its intricate patterns resembling topographic maps. Its symbolism lies in its role as a guide, aiding in navigation through life's challenges. As the new year unfolds, Map Jasper offers protection against negativity while empowering you to embark on exciting journeys.

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Map Jasper Bracelet 6mm | Essential
AusverkauftMap Jasper Bracelet 8mm | Essential
Map Jasper Bracelet 6mm | Snake
5-7 DAYSMap Jasper Bracelet 12mm | Woven
Map Jasper Bracelet 12mm | Waves
Map Jasper Bracelet 10mm | Premium
AusverkauftMap Jasper Necklace 8mm | Royale
AusverkauftMap Jasper Necklace 8mm | Prayer
AusverkauftMap Jasper Necklace 8mm | Essential
AusverkauftMap Jasper Bracelet 8mm | Royale
AusverkauftMap Jasper Bracelet 8mm | Geom
Map Jasper Bracelet 8mm | Geom Angebotab €184,00
Map Jasper Bracelet 10mm | Essential

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