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Strength, Clarity, Courage: Harness the Power Within

Tiger's Eye GEMSTONE

Renowned for its striking bands and lustrous sheen, Tiger Eye symbolizes courage, protection, and clarity. This enigmatic stone is a talisman for resilience and grounding.


This gemstone enhances perception and insight, guiding through complexity. It sharpens the senses and helps in seeing hidden truths and underlying patterns.


Tiger Eye inspires bravery and self-confidence in adversity. It emboldens one to face challenges head-on and encourages risk-taking with a composed mind.


Tiger Eye safeguards against negative energies, offering spiritual armor. It acts as a protective shield, deflecting malice and threats from one's aura.


Harmonizes yin and yang, fostering emotional stability. Tiger Eye brings equilibrium to emotions and energy, helping to maintain a centered and calm demeanor.


Discover how ancient cultures and civilizations used this gemstone.

ancients AMERICANS

For Native Americans, Tiger Eye held a special place as a sacred bridge between earth and sky. Shamans and medicine people used it extensively in healing rituals and for communicating with spirit guides. Its grounding and insightful nature was believed to enhance connection with the Earth while providing spiritual insights. The stone was thought to bring harmony between the physical and spiritual worlds, aiding in vision quests and other spiritual journeys. It was also used in totems and protective amulets, believed to bestow strength and stamina, both physically and spiritually, to the wearer.

rome 200 A.c.

In the classical civilizations of Rome and Greece, Tiger Eye was revered as a symbol of divine vision and bravery. Warriors and soldiers frequently adorned themselves with this gemstone, not just as a decorative element but as a protective amulet in battle. They believed that Tiger Eye could grant them strength, courage, and foresight, qualities essential for victory in warfare. Philosophers and orators also prized the stone for its supposed ability to provide clarity and insight, aiding in the pursuit of wisdom and eloquence. This connection with divine foresight also linked Tiger Eye with deities associated with prophecy and truth.

Egypt 2000 b.c.

In ancient Egypt, Tiger Eye was held in high esteem for its protective qualities. It was commonly incorporated in talismans and grave goods, intended to provide safe passage to the afterlife. This usage reflects the stone's association with divine guardianship and its solar connections, embodying the power of Ra, the sun god. Egyptians believed that Tiger Eye could offer insight and guidance in the spiritual realm, making it a prized possession for Pharaohs and high priests. The stone's rich, golden hues were thought to represent the eternal sun, symbolizing eternal life and resurrection, key aspects of Egyptian theology.


Tiger Eye's significance in Asia spans across several cultures, revered as a stone of prosperity and spiritual insight. Monks and spiritual seekers, especially within the Buddhist and Hindu traditions, valued it highly for meditation, believing it to be a powerful aid in connecting the physical and spiritual realms. Its ability to enhance focus and mental clarity made it a favored stone in practices aiming to achieve enlightenment and higher states of consciousness. In addition, Tiger Eye was often used in Feng Shui, believed to attract wealth and ward off negative energy, thereby bringing balance and harmony to one’s life.

africans tribes

African tribes revered Tiger Eye for its powerful protective properties. It was commonly used as an amulet believed to ward off curses, evil spirits, and ill intentions. The gemstone was also thought to have a strong connection with the Earth's energies, making it a favored stone for rituals and ceremonies. Its reflective and shimmering appearance was believed to confuse or repel negative forces while attracting prosperity and good fortune. In some cultures, Tiger Eye was used by warriors and hunters for strength and stealth, and by healers for its reputed ability to heal the body and mind, reflecting the rich and diverse spiritual traditions across the continent.



Tiger Eye is intrinsically connected to the root chakra, Muladhara.

root chakra


Location: At the base of the spine.

Properties: It governs our sense of safety, security, and basic needs.

Tiger Eye's Influence: Tiger Eye aids in grounding and stabilizing one's energy. By influencing the Root Chakra, it provides a sense of security and stability, enhancing one's connection to the physical world and fostering a sense of belonging.

awaken Svadhisthana


Unleash Creativity and Balance Emotions with Tiger Eye's Touch on Svadhisthana.

root chakra


Location: Just below the navel.

Properties: This chakra is associated with creativity, sexuality, and emotional identity.

Tiger Eye's Influence: The stone's impact on the Sacral Chakra enhances creativity and emotional balance. It encourages a healthy expression of emotions and can be particularly helpful in overcoming barriers related to intimacy and creativity.

Resonate with Manipura


Tiger Eye resonates powerfully with the Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura.

Solar Plexus Chakra


Location: Above the navel in the stomach area.

Properties: This chakra is the center of personal power, self-esteem, and confidence.

Tiger Eye's Influence: It enhances one's ability to assert themselves and make decisive choices, thereby boosting personal empowerment and emotional resilience. The stone's energizing effect on the Solar Plexus Chakra helps in overcoming feelings of lethargy and inertia, and stimulates a more active, dynamic approach to life

Effects of tiger eye on the Human Being



Tiger Eye is known for fostering a deep connection with the Earth, enhancing spiritual grounding and psychic development. It opens up higher realms of consciousness and aids in meditation, aligning the spiritual journey with the physical world, and bringing a sense of wholeness and spiritual integrity.


This gemstone builds resilience, aiding in overcoming fears and anxieties. It imbues the wearer with a sense of courage and self-confidence, helping to dispel fear and create a positive mental outlook. Tiger Eye is particularly beneficial in times of change or challenge, offering psychological strength.


Tiger Eye sharpens focus and decision-making abilities, fostering clear thinking and heightened awareness. It enhances intellectual abilities and is often turned to for problem-solving and critical thinking. Its influence on the mental realm encourages a pragmatic, yet open-minded approach to life.


The stone stabilizes emotions, aiding in emotional balance and harmony. It helps in recognizing and integrating inner emotions, promoting emotional understanding and empathy. Tiger Eye can be particularly helpful in calming quick tempers, reducing stress, and bringing emotional issues into perspective.


Believed to aid physical healing, Tiger Eye is particularly known for strengthening bone and improving hormonal balance. It is also said to assist in repairing broken bones and enhancing the body's alignment. Its physical healing properties extend to boosting vitality and aiding in the body's natural healing processes.


Tiger Eye is celebrated for its healing energies, particularly in fostering physical stamina and emotional resilience.


Tiger Eye revitalizes and boosts energy, combating fatigue and increasing endurance. Ideal for those facing physical challenges, it enhances daily activity energy levels.


This gemstone stabilizes emotions and sharpens mental clarity. It reduces mood swings and confusion, fostering inner peace and a balanced mindset.


Tiger Eye promotes bodily purification and overall health improvement. It aids in detoxifying vital organs and clearing energetic blockages, rejuvenating the body.


Known for enhancing physical strength, Tiger Eye supports muscle and bone health, aids in healing fractures and strains, and is beneficial for physical recovery and athletic performance.



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Tiger Eye, with its mesmerizing appearance and profound healing qualities, remains a cornerstone in various spiritual and healing practices, inspiring strength and clarity.