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protection, motivation and passion

red tiger eye gemstone

Red Tiger Eye, distinguished by its reddish-brown hues, embodies courage and protection. It symbolizes shielding against negativity and empowerment when facing challenges, making it the ideal companion for embarking on new journeys.

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Red Tiger Eye Bracelet 8mm | EssentialRed Tiger Eye Bracelet 8mm | Essential
Red Tiger Eye Bracelet 10mm | PremiumRed Tiger Eye Bracelet 10mm | Premium
Red Tiger Eye Bracelet 6mm | EssentialRed Tiger Eye Bracelet 6mm | Essential
Red Tiger Eye Necklace 8mm | RoyaleRed Tiger Eye Necklace 8mm | Royale
Red Tiger Eye Bracelet 8mm | RoyaleRed Tiger Eye Bracelet 8mm | Royale

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