Prestige Tiger Eye Bracelet in 24ct Gold


Now you can use all the power and strength of gold linked to Tiger Eye stone. Much more than a jewel that represents success. Gold has the ability to bestow wisdom, to ward off envy and bad energies. At the same time, it provides a strong personality to the bearer with an affable character and inspiring entrepreneurship.

Overcome the obstacles and find solutions to the most difficult situations without losing yourself in useless mental impulses thanks to this unique piece of jewelry by Seekers Luxury.

Stone Tiger Eye 24ct
Metal Silver 925 & 24ct Heavy Gold Plated (5 times more thickness than American Standard)
Width 10mm
Package Leather Jewelry Box
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Watch the above video to measure your wrist using a string and a ruler.

    Compare the measurement to the chart and choose the bracelet size that corresponds to the measurement.


    XSMALL 6 1/8in - 6 1/2in 15,5cm - 16,5cm
    SMALL 6 5/8in - 7in 16,8cm - 17,8cm
    MEDIUM 7 1/8in - 7 1/2IN 18,1cm - 19,1cm
    LARGE 7 5/8in - 8in 19,4cm - 20,3cm
    X LARGE 8 1/8in - 8 1/2in 20,6cm - 21,6cm
    2X LARGE 8 5/8in - 9in 22cm - 23cm

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