Premium Black Rhodium Bracelet

€159,00 €299,00 -46% OFF
Color: Hematite

Whether you're looking for a more conservative look or an edgier one, this extraordinary timeless, beaded bracelet of Seekers' design looks amazing at official events and everyday wear.

Available in various types of natural stones of the highest AAA quality, hand-selected by our artisans and finished in a specific macrame created by Seekers for a perfect fit on your wrist.

In addition to the gemstones, you can choose between 3 different noble metals; 925 Sterling Silver, Gold vermeil and Rhodium (the most expensive metal on earth) on 925 Sterling Silver. Each one with its most spectacular characteristics, brilliance and finish.

Choose your stone and your metal and give a definite boost to your outfit. Look perfect on every occasion and transmit your personality and character with this unique jewelry only for men like you.

All our stones are chosen by hand to satisfy AAA quality standards. They are natural stones and their size and color can vary slightly.

  • Stone: AAA Grade 10mm (Choose your favorite from available ones)
  • Metal: 925 Sterling Silver / 24k Gold Vermeil / Rhodium over 925 Sterling Silver
  • 100% Handcrafted
  • Package: High quality velvet pocuhes

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    925 SILVER

    At Seekers, we believe in providing our customers with jewelry that stands the test of time. Unlike other materials that may deteriorate or lose their luster over time, precious metals, such as 24k gold, maintain their radiant appearance and shine for a lifetime. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your jewelry looking as beautiful as the day you first received it. All you need to do is simply clean it with soap and water on a regular basis to restore its original shine and color. Trust us, you will be amazed at how new and spectacular your jewelry will look after each cleaning.

    24k gold

    In contrast to other online platforms or ecommerce stores, Seekers only employs 24k gold in all of our products. We do not compromise on quality by opting for cheaper solutions, as we are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest materials. All of our 24k gold plating is applied over 925 silver, with a thickness that is five times greater than the standard for American gold plating.


    Rhodium is a rare and highly valuable metal, known for its shiny black color and exceptional durability. As one of the most expensive metals in the world, the cost of rhodium per kilogram can exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is often used in high-end jewelry and other luxury items, lending an air of exclusivity and distinction.

    created by artists

    Not only our designs are unique. Art passes from our designers to our artisans, they are the true artists who make your piece unique and exclusive to you.

    hands not machines

    traditional craftsmanship

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