Onyx Gemstone


Fosters wise decision making

Black Onyx, a strong defensive stone, absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps prevent the drain of personal energy. It helps develop emotional and physical strength and endurance, particularly when support is required in times of stress, frustration or grief. Encourages cautious decision making.

Promotes determination and self-control

This gemstone gives energy. It inspirit vigour, determination and stamina. Gives confidence in yourself and allows you to be at ease in your surroundings. Onyx banishes sorrow, increases self-control and boosts the strength of wise decision taking. This encourages good fortune and joy. Black Onyx treats bone, bone marrow and blood disorders. It is good for the teeth and the feet.

Control your own future

Is beautiful to meditate on and dream about. When using Black Onyx for any of these reasons, it is suggested to use a secondary earth contact stone in conjunction with Onyx. It helps one become a master of his own future.

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