Chrysocolla Gemstone

The meaning of love

Increases human relationships

It has been said that this stone increases the ability to express oneself. Romantic and human relationships are said to be successful. This is the perfect gemstone for building social competencies.

Stimulate verbal communication

Chrysocolla is one of the most important contact gemstones. This gemstone energizes the chakra in your throat. That strength strengthens the ability to express yourself, and attracts people. Seek Chrysocolla if you are dealing with a healing task, or if your work requires verbal communication. This gemstone gives you the courage and strength to guide you.

Why would you use Chrysocolla?

It is the stone of reconciliation, harmony and the strengthening of emotional bonds. It inspires kindness and helps us to regain our innate spontaneity. Calms and listening of truth and inner wisdom.

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