Map Jasper Gemstone

Supreme nurturer

Keep the peace

One of the most common meanings of this stone and its energies relates to its incredible ability to bring a sense of peace, patience and understanding to everyone it is communicating with. This is indeed a marvelous influence, and throughout these civilizations as mentioned above (and beyond) jasper has been classically treasured for its ability to keep the peace as much as its appearance and prestige feature.

Why are you using Jasper Stone?

"Getting it in your life would be like getting a best friend by your side, and during times of stress it will sustain you.
It will bring you peace, joy and completeness. It will boost your confidence, and rid you of all your irrational fears."

Provides mental agility and quick thinking

Provides the confidence to tackle problems assertively. Aids think quickly, and foster organizational skills. Jasper activates the imagination, turning thoughts into motion. It encourages honesty with one's self

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