Kyanite Gemstone

Motivating Energy

Why would you use it?

Kyanite has a relaxing effect on the whole being, and brings peace. It promotes psychological capacities and connectivity at all levels. It turns away anger , frustration, confusion and stress and helps to provide a capability for linear and logical thinking. Kyanite provides motivating energy, encourages perseverance and support of activities and situations that would normally reduce one's strength.

Creating a positive work environment

Kyanite inspires loyalty to others, and fair treatment. It helps to work through conflicts and disputes, and can help to restore broken relationships. It is helpful in people-to - people meetings, diplomatic missions, arbitration and other modes of communication. Kyanite helps improve workplace relationships, bridging the gap between different creeds and ideas, and encourages self-expression and truth-saying.

Empathy and determination

This gemstone assists you detach yourself from a fate belief and recognize when and where you created the causes that later have certain effects. Also strengthens determination.Blue Kyanite will also help one become more empathic; its strong vibrations will enable one to tap into other people's emotional field and allow a deeper understanding of those feelings. That will offer the best healing and forgiving power.

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