Howlite Gemstone

Boost Patience, Calm Anger, Aid Insomnia & Stress

Formulates ambitions and aids in achieving them

This gemstone extends your knowledge and break your limitations. It also helps to improve imagination and enhance self-expression. Howlite can help in the dream state to access / retrieve wisdom and bring it back to consciousness upon awakening.

A help for insomnia

Howlite helps clear the chattering minds. It helps you stay focused. It will help you focus your attention on a given task or work. By replicating them with a slightly different twist or modification it will boost the ideas or the ideas of others.

Open your intuitive ability

Howlite communicates with the spirit realm and trains the mind to carry out wisdom and knowledge. It will help you achieve your goals by helping you attain them. This will enhance the telepathic, psychometric and intuitive experience when using howlite during meditation.


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