Green Malachite Gemstone

The stone of transformation

balance, abundance, manifestation and intention

Encourages risk-taking, breaks unwelcome bonds and outmoded habits and teaches how to take responsibility for one's actions, thoughts and feelings. Malachite reduces inhibitions, and empathy grows with others. It soothes emotional turmoil. Enables you to take information and process it

Strengthens and speeds up compression

Malachite strengthens conceptual understanding. We are able to absorb information faster, as the imagination makes us powerful and knowledgeable of how to handle it. Thoughts run very easily, and decisions are made without much thought. Malachite enhances the ability to observe, even tiny objects are recognized much faster and their sense is understood.

You will learn to love the risks

Malachite promotes aesthetic appreciation, sensuousness and elegance, fellowship and justness. It helps you think yourself and empathize with others. Malachite gets rid of timidity, and the need for understanding awakens. Life is more fully felt, and is more adventurous. You will feel inspired by this stone and learn to love risks and to rely on luck. It helps to make you more conscious, but it remains up to you to understand your goals, needs and ideals.

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